electric car
In the jubilee James Bond film, the super agent will drive electric car
Of course, Bond will not change its favorite brand of cars Aston Martin
LGBT character Marvel
Marvel film universe will present a full-fledged, pronounced LGBT character
The LGBT character in the Marvel universe is likely to appear in the movie “Eternal”
James Bond
In the jubilee 25th James Bond film, the main character was supposed to die
According to the director’s idea, he was supposed to die in the arms of Madeleine Swann
Game of Thrones
Emilia Clarke urged fans not to judge the Game of Thrones as a naked show
Clarke assured fans that not only in this series, naked bodies have no definite meaning
Jared Leto
Sony Pictures announced the release date for the films “Morbius” and “Ghostbusters 3”
At the same time, the planned release of the so far unnamed project by Christopher Nolan and another film by Walt Disney
Morbius Marvel
Jared Harris joins the cast of the Marvel universe film “Morbius”
However, quite a few celebrities have already joined the cast of the film
King Richard
Will Smith will play father of Venus and Serena Williams in biopic
Recall for Smith this is not the first role in the biopic of the athletes
2019 winners
Oscar: list of winners of the 91st ceremony
However, the statues were awarded and the world recognized the Oscar winners-2019
Warner Bros. stopped working on the movie about the Joker, where the main role played Jared Leto
Most likely, Jared Leto was not upset by the termination of cooperation with the DC universe
Sylvester Stallone shared photo of Rambo with fans where he is 20 years old
Obviously, the actor advertised the upcoming fifth film about Rambo
critics for Aquaman
James Cameron noted that in the "Aquaman" were ignored the laws of physics
Nevertheless, “Aquaman” became a breath of air for the DC universe on the background of previous failed films
Howard Lovecraft
Actor Nicolas Cage will play a main role in the horror according to story by Howard Lovecraft
The producer of the project will be the SpectreVision film company, founded by actor Elijah Wood
Joey Tribbiani
The teenager took actor Matt LeBlanc for “Joey's papa from “Friends”
LeBlanc recalled a funny incident that happened to him several years ago
Morbius Marvel
In the new film of the Marvel universe will play the star of “Doctor Who”
The role of Morbius himself was proposed to Jared Leto
Big Lebowski
Jeff Bridges hinted at the return of the Dude
He also hinted at the date of February 3, 2019
new relationship
Goodbye Jolie: Brad Pitt began dating Hollywood's very famous actress
Sources say that Pitt began the first serious relationship since the break with Jolie
oscar hosts
Hosts of the "Oscar" ceremony can become the main actors of the film "The Avengers"
Now, however, rumors have appeared in the network that not the one host, but the whole group of hosts will save the ceremony
Project Florida
Eight-year-old Hollywood actress debuted as a director of her own film
The inspiration for the young Prince served as the director of the film “Project Florida”